Basic Tags

Html Basic Tags

A web browser reads an Html document from top to bottom, left to right. Each time the browser finds a tag, the tag is rendered accordingly. By adding tags to an Html document, you are not only coding Html, but also tell the web browser when and how to treat documents. The basic structure for all Html documents is simple and should include the following minimum elements or tags:

<!DOCTYPE> declaration helps the browser to display a web page correctly.

<html> container for whole Html documents.

<head> container for page header information

<title> container for title of the page.

<body> container for main body of the page.

<h1> container for heading of the page.

<p> container for paragraph of the page.

Html Page Structure



   <title> Page Title </title>



   <h1> Heading </h1>

   <p> Paragraph </p>



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