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Html Embed Multimedia

Website also content music or videos. The easiest way to add video or music in website by including the special Html tag called <embed>. This tag causes the browser itself to include controls for the multimedia automatically. No need to add javascript or vbscript to add video or music in <embed> element.

Html <embed> Attributes

Attribute Description
alignSpecifies the alignment of an object.
autostartSpecifies the media should start automatically or not.
loopSpecifies the sound should be played continuously in a loop or not.
playcountSpecifies the number of times to play the sound.
hiddenSpecifies the object shows on the page or not.
heightSpecifies the height of the object.
widthSpecifies the width of the object.
pluginspageSpecifies the URL to get the plugin software.
nameSpecifies the name of the object.
srcSpecifies the URL of the object to be embedded.
volumeSpecifies the volume control of the sound.

<embed> example

<embed src = "video.swf" name = "funnyvideo" width = "250" height = "250"> </embed>

<embed src = "songs.mp3" name = "melodysongs" width = "25" height = "25"> </embed>

Html <object> Elements

The <object> element use to add any kind of object in a web page. The <object> element allows to specify everything required by an object for its presentation by a user.

<object> example

<object data = "data/video.swf" type="text/html" width = "250" height = "250"> </object>

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