Html Iframes

Html inline frame are used to embed another document or another web page within the current Html document. Inline frame are define by <iframe> tag.

Html <iframe> Attributes

Attribute Description
srcSpecifies the address of the document to embed in the document.
widthSpecifies the width of an iframe.
heightSpecifies the height of an iframe.
srcdocSpecifies the Html content of the page to show in the iframe.
nameSpecifies iframe name in a document.
seamlessSpecifies the look of an iframe as a part of the containing document.
sandboxSpecifies extra restriction for the content in the iframe.
alignSpecifies the alignment of iframe. (Not supported in HTML 5.)
frameborderSpecifies whether or not to display a border around iframe. (Not supported in HTML 5.)
scrollingSpecifies whether or not to display scrollbars in an iframe. (Not supported in HTML 5.)

<iframe> example

<iframe src="filename.html" width="400" height="400"></iframe>

<iframe src="filename.html" name="iframe1" frameborder="1"></iframe>

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