Android version of Skype now support screen sharing

Android version of Skype now support screen sharing

Now, Skype is getting an update to allow users to share their screen with contacts remotely. And this new feature includes support for not just desktops but also Android and iOS devices.


Skype is largely popular as a video calling app. With the new feature addition, Skype now not only outpaces competitors in the consumer space such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., but it also catches up with business-grade solutions like Slack or Zoom.


According to the software giant, this feature will help users to collaborate on PowerPoint presentations with colleagues or collaborating with friends as you swipe your way through Tinder matches, or just go shopping online with friends. It’s not quite as useful as just completely taking control of their mobile device remotely, but it’s easily the next best thing, and much easier to set up.

The screenshots shared by Microsoft show that everything is displayed on your screen including existing and newly incoming notifications, and it will be shared with others while using this new screen sharing feature.



Until now, the feature is limited to the members of the Skype Insider Program. To join the test ring, you need to download the latest Insider version of Skype.

The feature is definitely promising and very useful, so, we can expect that soon it will be released as the stable version globally.


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