Angular 7.2.1 CLI released with TypeScript 3.2

Angular 7.2.1 CLI released with TypeScript 3.2

Now, The Angular 7.2.1 CLI come out and supports TypeScript 3.2.

Yesterday, Minko Gechev, an engineer in the Angular team at Google, announced for Angular CLI 7.2.1.

Minko tweeted,

This release fixes a webpack-dev-server vulnerability and also comes with support for multiselect list prompt, TypeScript 3.2, and Angular 7.2.0-rc.0.

The webpack-dev-server versions before 3.1.10 are missing origin validation on the websocket server. A remote attacker can take advantage of this vulnerability to steal a developer’s code as the origin of requests to the websocket server, which is used for Hot Module Replacement (HMR) are not validated. Now, this vulnerability is fixed with the new release.

In Angular 7.2.1 CLI, there are some other features and bugs fix -

  • Initial minimal BEP support

  • Update optimization options

  • Added support for multiselect list prompt

  • Add warning for overriding flags in arguments

  • Add `resourcesOutputPath` to schema

  • Remove redundant period in deprecation warning

  • Show full path to project definition when already exists

  • Pass arguments to all targets

  • Handle case sensitive aliases

  • Improve architect command project parsing

  • Add `lintFix` to several other schematics

  • Consistent naming of options and arguments that do the same thing

  • Add .history directory to gitignore

  • Wrapping bootstrap code in a DOMContentLoaded in a variable declaration

  • Set `optimization` and `sourceMap` in universal production config

  • Cannot create pipe in sub-directory if module is in different sub-directory

  • Import zone related flags in other files

  • Let tslint resolve codelyzer

  • Add providers into providers metadata but not inner Object with ut.

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