Arch Linux now available on Microsoft Store

Arch Linux now available on Microsoft Store

Now, Windows Subsystem for Linux fans will be happy to know that the Arch Linux distribution is now available from the Microsoft Store.


On May 7, 2019, a new Linux distribution "WSL Arch Linux" was added to the Microsoft Store.

WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is a technology for running Linux binaries on Windows 10. The other day Microsoft announced WSL 2, the latest version of this technology.

Windows Subsystem for Linux is the name given to a Windows 10 operating system module that allows you to run a Linux distribution within Windows.

Microsoft says that WSL 2 will leverage an in-house Linux kernel to offer new features including the support for Docker container.

Microsoft also plans to launch the terminal next month. It will allow users to access environments such as CMD, WSL, and PowerShell from a single app.


By using a virtual environment instead of the current layer technology, it has achieved 100% Linux kernel compatibility and improved file system performance.

Before you can install the WSL Arch Linux distribution, you need to install Windows Subsystem for Linux. To use this application, you need to enable the "Windows Subsystem for Linux" function from the control panel before installing or execute the following command at a PowerShell prompt with administrator privileges.

By installing WSL Arch Linux, you will be able to use Arch Linux terminals and commands in Windows 10.

Once installed, Arch Linux can be launched from the Microsoft Store page or by running "ArchLinux" from the command prompt.

The first time you run Arch Linux, installation continues. Entering a username and password is also performed at this stage.


For Windows users who have never tried Linux or Arch Linux, using WSL is a great way to get a new operating system. Arch Linux can now be downloaded from the Store just like any other Windows application and you don’t need to run any commands.

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