Daniel Rosenwasser released roadmap for TypeScript from January to June 2019

Daniel Rosenwasser released roadmap for TypeScript from January to June 2019

On 8th Jan 2018, Daniel Rosenwasser, the Program Manager of TypeScript, announced a roadmap starting from January 2019 to June 2019 to be followed for TypeScript. The outlines show the priorities that the team will be focussing on the goals which will serve as a set of guidelines to accomplish by June 2019.


Their targets (as listed on GitHub), over the next 6 months, are:

  • Using strong tooling to increase productivity

  • Improved Approachability and UX

  • Types on every desk, for every JS developer

  • Better Infrastructure and engineering systems

  • More Community engagement


The team will focus on the core ‘type’ system. They plan to enable popular JS patterns in a type-safe way. They also plan to implement ECMAScript features with stricter settings. They also want to improvise other features like Class fields (public and private), decorators, ES/CJS module interop.

They plan to introduce ‘quick fixes’ that includes a class of code modifications and fixes that are applicable, which will be useful for teaching users about language features and patterns, making it more approachable to work with TypeScript/ JavaScript.

They will come up with ways to ease migration to TypeScript and typed JavaScript to improve the process of adding types.

The team will be making improvements such as functionality for automatically swapping projects in and out to save memory.

They plan to converting faster builds to avoid bootstrapping themselves outside of CI, adding/migrating lint rules, and much more.

They also plan to ease the process of external contributions to the documentation and investigate improving rich editing experiences. This year, users can also expect more public talks, meetups and blog posts on TypeScript.

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