Electron 6.0 releases with native Touch ID authentication support and more

Electron 6.0 releases with native Touch ID authentication support and more

Now, Electron framework continues to expand support for Promises with the new version 6.0.


Electron, the GitHub's JavaScript framework for cross-platform applications, has been updated with version 6.0. This update continues to consistently adopt the version 5.0 approach of transitioning callback-based capabilities to promises.


According to the Electron developer team, the new version of the framework relies on version 12.4.0 of the runtime environment Node.js as well as on the JavaScript engine V8 in version 7.6.303.22 and also has appeared with the matching new Chromium 76.0.3809.88, with promises on the wall.


Electron 6.0 also follows a total of 30 functions, of which the majority next to Promises but also allow the old calls with the callback.


Electron 6.0 version also includes some breaking changes. The framework is to lay the foundation for the fact that in the future native Node modules that are loaded into the Renderer process, are either based on the N-API or context Aware. This should bring better performance, but the conversion should be completed only with Electron 11.0.


In Electron 6.0, the net.IncomingMessage headers have also changed a bit to better match the behavior of Node.js. Especially, the handling of duplicate headers is affected.


Besides, shell.showItemInFolder () now returns void and is an asynchronous call.


The entire project is on GitHub.


You can get all the details of new features in Electron 6.0 on the official blog post.

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