Ember.js 3.7 released without node 4 support

Ember.js 3.7 released with node 4 support

Now,  Ember.js v3.7 has released with a couple of new features for the Ember CLI and some minor changes and bug fixes.
This version drops support for Babel 6 and Node 4, along with a few bug fixes and performance improvements. There are no changes in the Ember Data subproject.

The last usage of Babel 6 is removed in Ember CLI 3.7. Babel 6 was used for supporting compiling templates in addon/. It was also used for supporting addon-test-support/ in the addons that do not have any .js processors. Since the module compilation between Babel 6 and Babel 7 is compatible, this update is not a breaking change.

This version is updated with a compatibility section in addon 'README'. Whenever a new addon is generated using Ember CLI, a 'README' file is also generated for the addon. This README will now come with a compatibility section, which enables you to easily communicate to users about what are the requirements to use the addon.

There are no changes for this library with the latest release.
Ember.js 3.7 supports for Node 4. If you want to upgrade to this version you need to first upgrade your Node version.


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