Firefox 64 coming with lot of improvements

Firefox 64 coming with lot of improvements

Firefox browser is a key expression of Mozilla's mission. It provides people-centric web experience, as well as a platform and tooling that make it possible to do amazing things with the web. It’s a major platform that web developers must consider. Firefox is now rolling out version 64.0, first offered to Release channel users on December 11, 2018.

Firefox version 64 is now available on for all users. The update brings a bunch of new features.

The big new changes are here -

  • The New tab management. You can now select multiple tabs (CTRL Shift-click) from the tab bar and move them around, close, bookmark, or pin very quickly. The things do get much better and quicker.

  • The update also introduces a new Task Manager feature, accessible from about performance that details exactly how much energy are used by each of the tabs you have open.

  • The update brings support for the native sharing experience, so when you now share a webpage from Firefox, it will open the native share sheet in Windows 10, letting you use features like Nearby Share.

  • The new version brings a Contextual Feature Recommender (CFR), available only to U.S. users for now. Mozilla describes CFR as a “system that proactively recommends Firefox features and add-ons based on how you use the web.”

  • These CFR suggestions will not appear in Private Browsing mode.

  • Improved performance for Mac and Linux users, by enabling link-time optimization (Clang LTO). (Clang LTO was enabled for Windows users in Firefox 63.)

  • Added option to remove add-ons using the context menu on their toolbar buttons

  • Updated the policy engine on Mac OS to allow user configuration profiles to customize Firefox for enterprise deployments.

  • The updated version has also fixed some security related problems.

  • About crashes, it has been redesigned to make it clear when a crash is being submitted to Mozilla, as well as being clear that removing crashes locally does not remove them from

  • As of Firefox version 64, Firefox no longer supports built-in Live Bookmarks. Now your existing Live Bookmarks have been exported into an OPML file on your desktop, called Firefox feeds backup.opml. You can import this file in another feed reader such as a Firefox add-on or a separate feed reader program or web service.

  • Live Bookmarks now have been turned into regular bookmarks that point to the feed’s origin pages. Now available only via add-ons.

  • Firefox 64 can also recommend extensions, starting with these three: Facebook Container, Enhancer for YouTube, and To Google Translate.

  • The macOS keyboard shortcut to add "www" and ".com" to a URL is now ctrl-enter instead of [apple]-enter.

  • Scrolling is faster and more responsive.

  • Firefox will no longer trust TLS security certificates issued by Symantec.

  • Files downloaded after this update are no longer deleted when uninstalling Firefox

  • Fixed performance lags for users with installed password manager apps

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the loading indicator using too much CPU and power.

  • You may now overlay multiple CSS grids at the same time (up to 3) in the CSS Grid Inspector.

  • WebVR is now available on macOS.

  • The update added support for the new CSS scrollbar specification.

  • When hovering over elements in the Accessibility panel, the contrast ratio of text against the background is now indicated

  • The Web Console's command line now highlights JavaScript syntax.

  • Firefox 64 for the desktop is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

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