Firefox beta out for Windows 10 ARM laptops

Firefox beta out for Windows 10 ARM  laptops

Now Mozilla has unveiled an ARM version of its Firefox browser for Windows 10. The nonprofit company has been developing its own ARM64-native build of Firefox for Snapdragon-powered Windows laptops.


After almost five months official announcement, Mozilla has finally delivered its promises come true. The performance of this version is relatively solid while maintaining all of the regular web compatibility you’d expect from Firefox. This version will be optimized to help reduce power consumption for ARM-based PCs that are aiming to provide a long battery life.

Mozilla has also been working on its Firefox Quantum technology to optimize Firefox for the octa-core CPUs available from Qualcomm.


Chuck Harmston, Mozilla senior product manager for the Firefox ARM project, explained,

One of the most compelling features of Windows laptops using Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset is the battery life it enables, measured in days, rather than hours. We've been working hard to take advantage of that, offloading discrete tasks to small chips to use less power ... This was a big project that spanned the Firefox organization, touching almost every part of the browser.

Low power consumption is a priority from the project, and Mozilla built better power monitoring tools into its software as a result.


For now, this new Firefox ARM version is available as part of Mozilla’s beta channel for the browser for anyone with the ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops to test. With this beta version, you won’t be able to rely on the browser completely for your day-to-day tasks just yet. However, beta is the close proximity to the stable version and therefore you can expect Firefox to soon release a stable version for the platform.

If you want to test out the new Firefox ARM version on your Windows laptop, you need to download it from

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