Firefox Send publicly available now

Firefox Send publicly available now

Now Mozilla’s Firefox Send is released with various features and advantages for all users around the globe. Firefox Send is a file-sharing service that allows you to send files via a link to anyone and set conditions for access like a time period or a number of downloads before the file deleted.


Mozilla is designed Firefox Send as an alternative to email. There are plenty of file-sending services out there such as Google Drive or Dropbox which offer collaboration tools and other features that aren't necessary when you just need to send one file quickly to your friends, family member or colleague.


Previously Firefox Send delivered the files limit with 1GB when the Test Pilot period for the service began in August of 2017. Now this release can handle files as large as 2.5GB. That 1GB limit still applies until you sign in with your Firefox account. Opening an account is free.

You can set a limit to how many times the file can be downloaded before it is permanently deleted from the servers. You can also set a time limit before deletion as seven days, one day, one hour, or even five minutes.


This release also allows you to set a password of your choice for access to the file. You will then get a link to send to the recipient to download the file. The file recipients can easily access the shared file without a Firefox account. They just need to simply click on the received link and download the file.

Firefox Send sets as a service for privacy and security were offered beyond the fact that the files are encrypted end to end. The company says this is something that differentiates Firefox Send from Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, or Google Drive.


Firefox Send is now available on the Web at Not only for Firefox, but it also works for both sender and recipient on any modern browser.

To get more details regarding this release, simply click on the Mozilla Blog.

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