Flutter UI framework extended from mobile to multi-platform

Flutter UI framework extended from mobile to multi-platform

On 7th May 2019, at Google I/O 2019, the tech giant is taking it beyond mobile with the launch of Flutter 1.5. With this version, now it's possible to develop one application for everything from your Raspberry Pi, to your Google Pixel 3a, to your Pixelbook, to your custom built PC.

Now with Flutter 1.5, developers can take their cross-platform dreams one step further. This new version allows you to compile for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, which means that on ChromeOS you can do your development, testing, and publishing for mobile, web, and desktop all on one device with the help of Android Studio or Visual Studio Code without needing a mobile emulator.

The latest release also brings support for Dart 2.3 with add extensive UI-as-code functionality, an in-app payment library which will make monetizing Flutter based apps substantially easier, and hundreds of other improvements.

Google explains,

Flutter for the web is a great way to build highly interactive, graphically rich content, where the benefits of a sophisticated UI framework are keenly felt. It is not as a general purpose replacement for the document experiences that HTML is optimized for.


Google’s group product manager for Flutter, Tim Sneath, said,

We built Flutter from the ground up to be this beautiful, fast, productive, open-source toolkit for building tailored experiences, originally for mobile. The big news for this week is that we are finally opening Flutter up beyond just mobile to really lean into our broader vision for Flutter as our general-purpose, portable UI toolkit for mobile, we, embedded and desktop.

The challenge is really how to bring it down to the client and create these rich Flutter-based experiences that can take advantage of the standards-based web.


The tech giant also says that the firm will also add support for basic text features (copy/paste, selection), plugins, Progressive Web Apps, DevTools debugging, and more.

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