Github down due to DDos attack

Github down due to DDos attack

On 2nd Jan 2019, due to some instability in their servers, it has seen that GitHub pages were non-functional. The new year has just started and users observed issues in using GitHub.


A hacker confirmed that he performed a DDoS attack on the website. A hacker that goes by the name of Hax Stroke, a part of Ghost Squad Hackers. Github was down for roughly about an hour before normal functionality was restored.

The hacker tweeted,

Hello @github a little hug from HaxStroke at your website, ^^. (at 11:04 PM - Jan 2, 2019) (#HaxStroke#GhostSquadHackers#Zakrytye)

Hax Stroke admits to having performed the attack using RPCBIND service DDoS amp. Not only that, he also addressed that it was ‘just a demo’.

As the result, the site issues, PRs, Dashboard, Projects seemed to be down. And the website was not getting the load at all. The outage result was observed in many parts of the globe.

This isn’t the first time. At the end of last year, same things, He also did that for the YouTube.

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service in full. It is a cyber attack that aims to bring websites and web-based services down by bombarding them with so much traffic that their services and infrastructure are unable to handle it all. It’s a common tactic that used for target a website to get it offline forcefully.

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