GitHub lunches Patreon link funding tool for developer

GitHub lunches Patreon link funding tool for developer

Now GitHub has made an announcement for a Patreon-style funding tool, at its Satellite conference in Berlin. The code hosting platform is going to open up the beta of GitHub Sponsors. This new feature will let users financially support their favorite developers and open source applications.

This will operate similarly to Patreon, with donors able to select a certain sponsorship tier and set up monthly recurring payments.


Funding developers through GitHub Sponsors is one more way to contribute to open source projects. With Sponsors, any GitHub user can sponsor any open source developer in the program. Last year, Microsoft paid $7.5 billion to buy GitHub.


GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, who joined the company from Microsoft last October, says,

You make something great, and then you share it because you want other people to use it. Then there are all these expectations of you.

GitHub Sponsors enable users to donate to open-source projects and project contributors with the click of a button. This feature comes with enhanced vulnerability alerts, dependency monitoring, and token scanning, along with enhancements to GitHub Enterprise.


By clicking the Sponsor button, it opens a natively rendered view showcasing the profiles of project developers and maintainers - and optionally a list of funding platforms, like Open Collective, Tide left, Ko-fi, and Patreon, and custom links to alternative funding models. Alternatively, when a developer answers a question, triages an issue, or merges code on GitHub, users can head to that developer’s profile or hover over their username to sponsor their work or navigate to the new Community Contributors hovercard and fund project contributors’ transitive dependencies from there.


The limit to fund matching is $5,000 per user, and at present, the service is in private beta, but it is accepting requests to join already. During the beta, only certain developers will eligible to receive donations.


Get more details about this announcement at the GitHub Blog.

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