Google added mail merge like feature on Google Docs

Google added mail merge like feature on Google Docs

Now Google has launched its Google Docs API, after first introducing it as a developer preview at its Cloud Next conference last year.


As Google notes, the new REST API is designed to automate enterprise processes across 3 broad use-cases: bulk document creation, content management, and workflow management.

Google Docs API also integrates with Zapier, the platform that allows anyone to create rule-based integrations between all their various web applications, meaning users can automate any number of workflows across their organization.


Using the API, developers can also set up processes that manipulate documents after the fact to update them, and the API also features the ability to insert, delete, move, merge and format text, insert inline images and work with lists, among other things.


Google also notes that the API’s import/export abilities allow you to use Docs for internal content management systems.

The tech giant also said that a number of companies signed up to use the new API, including Mailchimp and Netflix, the latter of which used the API to automate some of its engineering response processes.

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