Google adds VPN support to Linux application on Chrome OS

Google adds VPN support to Linux application on Chrome OS

Now, the latest Chrome OS version includes VPN support for applications running in a Linux container. Google finally allows Linux applications to operate under whatever VPN is currently being used whether it be from an Android app or a Chrome extension - though it took a while for.

The tech giant also promises bug fixes, enhanced hardware support, and more importantly, a unified search experience.


Chrome OS 74 offers organizational and accessibility upgrades. The OS now supports built-in annotations and a variety of drawing tools within the Chrome PDF Viewer; file and folder creation under the "My files" root - previously limited to files nested under the "Downloads" folder; ChromeVox developer log options to turn on logging for speech and other items; and sending of performance data with feedback reports when bugs or errors occur.


The latest version now recognizes external USB cameras in the Android Camera app, including webcams, document cameras, and microscopes.

Linux apps can output audio, allowing users to hear from their Linux programs. This fixes a hole that has been present since the introduction of Linux apps; audio input is still not yet supported.


You can use a VPN Android app on a Chromebook and the security will work within Chrome OS, so you can privately browse the web.


Chrome OS 74 starts rolling out to many devices soon.

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