Google chrome will support LazyLoad in future updates

Google chrome will support LazyLoad in future updates

Now Google has announced a new feature called lazy-loading that coming to the next Chrome version. It will improve the user experience and website performance, which is good for publishers and site visitors.


Lazy-loading is the process to stop the loading of an image or iframe until the user scrolls close to them. A publisher can enable this feature by the use of an HTML attribute to the “image” and “iframe” elements, no JavaScript required.

This new “loading” attribute will provide a signal to browsers that an image or iframe is not to be loaded until the user scrolls close to the image or iframe. It helps to make the web page load quickly and appear faster for the user. This will be very effective especially for mobile devices users.


Plenty of websites do this, but it’s generally been up to web developers to enable lazy loading. Web developers can manually enable lazy loading for iframes and images in Chrome by giving the proper attribute. The elements eligible for lazy loading also include advertisements, though that may impact revenues despite giving a better user experience.

Recently, the search giant stated that a one second delay could negatively impact conversions on mobile devices by up to 20%.


The new attribute could be included in upcoming Chrome update, which is probably scheduled for release in May, and it will support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android versions of the web browser as well as other web browsers also.


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