Google launches Gallery Go - a lighter version of Google Photos

Google launches Gallery Go - a lighter version of Google Photos

Now, Google has released a lightweight version of its Google Photos photo gallery app, called Gallery Go.


Gallery Go is a lightweight, well organized, and beautifully designed photo gallery that boasts to store your photos easily. It provides similar features as Google Photos has. It's also performed in offline.


Gallery Go is only used for photos that are found in your device. It doesn't show files that are saved in the cloud on your Google account.


This updated photo gallery will automatically organize photos content-wise such as people, places and documents. It also includes easy-to-use editing tools such as filters, auto-enhance, crop and rotates that help pictures look their best.


You can view all of your photos at once and have them organized by chronological order. You can also choose only view photos that are part of a specific folder.


Without using data, all features directly run on smartphones, and it's also compatible with SD cards, so pictures can be copied quickly.


Gallery Go takes very little space on your phone. It captures storage-space just 10MB.


Gallery Go is available in the Play Store now for devices running Android 8.1 or higher, but some features won't be available in worldwide.

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