Google Maps adds Mario drifts navigation to celebrating Mario week

Get Mario navigation In Google Maps for this weekGoogle celebrates Mario Day on March 10th as a Mario style in this year. Nintendo and Google have inked up to bring Mario to Google Maps on iOS or Android. This is implemented by rolling out a feature in its Maps app for both Android and iOS and it will turn any ride into a fun trip as users can now include a Mario Kart on the navigation interface by using the app. The update has now rolled out in India.

This might have something to do with the upcoming mobile version of Mario Kart, or it might just be a fun promotion, kind of like when Google Maps has turned into Pac-Man in the past. The user also seen its navigation arrow transformed into a Mario like a Tie-Fighter of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in his kart and helps steer you to your destination.

To get this Mario-themed Google Maps app, the user first have to be updated to the latest version of Google Maps, load up Google Maps, enter a destination, press the yellow "?" icon found on the bottom right of Google Maps app, appear a prompt to enable Mario Time!, and then choose the Let's Go option.

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