Google Photo will not sync with Drive anymore

Google Photo will not sync with Drive anymore

Now, Google has decided to end the integration between Drive and Photos services in the interest of reducing confusion for its users. It will no longer be possible sync uploads photos or videos to the Drive.

The tech giant says that it has heard feedback from users that the integration between these services is confusing, so, starting next month, it’s going to make a change to simplify the experience for Google Drive and Photos.


After stopping sync, Drive won’t be able automatically to show new photos and videos in Photos section from this July. Even, Drive will not remove the photos and videos from Photo if users deleted it, and vice versa.


According to Google, this has been done to prevent the accidental deletion of content across the services. The company has also confirmed that any photos or videos that currently exist in users’ “Google Photos” folder in Drive will not be deleted from there also. The only change is implemented on Drive that the folder will not be going to update automatically anymore.


Google said,

Our goal with these changes is to simplify some features that caused confusion for our users, based on feedback and our own research. We’ll continue to look for more ways to help support Drive and Photos users going forward.


With the Upload from Drive feature, the users will also be able to manually choose which photos and videos from Drive they want to import into Photos.

You can get more information regarding this announcement on Google blog post.

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