Google released Android Q Beta for developers

Google released Android Q Beta for developers

Finally, the first beta of Android Q, the next version of Android OS, is available now for developers only. Google says that this OS version will bring some interesting features, better privacy controls and native support for foldable phones.

Android Q has better support for foldable phones. This new version brings better support for resuming and pausing apps from running in the background as well as improvements to resizing apps for split-screen modes also.

The new OS adds support for ‘dynamic depth format’ for photos. This will allow apps to offer specialized blurs and bokeh options. And developers can use Dynamic Depth data to create 3D images and AR photography.

Google also announced that Android Q is getting support for the next-generation AV1 video codec, which should offer improved streaming quality with less bandwidth once content providers start supporting it.


A new Settings Panel API will let developers give instant, pop-up access to phone settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC without having to kick users out to the settings app and back.

Google is also putting new limits on the access apps will get to things like photos, videos, and audio as well as any downloaded files on devices with this release.

Google is allowing developers to pre-publish how their apps work with sharing, meaning that the share UI can load instantly instead of having to manually rebuild all the possible options every time.

Android Q offers high-performance and low-latency modes for wireless connections and IoT devices like appliances and printer.


The Android Q Beta is meant for developers now and early adopters also including any Pixel device - as the first-gen Pixel and Pixel XL.

You can enroll in Google's Android Beta for Pixel program to try out the Android Q Beta. After that, you'll "receive regular over-the-air (OTA) updates to the latest Android Q builds through (and including) the final release. Google also recommends backing up your data before enrolling your device. You can also download Android Q Beta build and manually flash it to your Pixel device.


To get details in depth about this release, click on Android Developers Blog.

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