Google will provide a shortcut to insert emoji on Chrome desktop

Chrome Canary adds a new emoji right-click shortcutGoogle rolls out a new shortcut to adding emojis on its Chrome Canary beta of the desktop version. Canary is the test version of Chrome where added all new features before available them for normal users. Chrome Canary gets this new an emoji option on the menu and it appears when the user will right-clicking on any text field. This feature is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS.

The users can enable it by going to chrome://flags and search “emoji”. After that, the user has to enable ‘chrome://flags/#enable-emoji-context-menu’ to get this feature. The emoji feature on the desktop will be enabled by applying the shortcut as Command + Control + Space for Macs or the touch keyboard on certain Windows devices also. If the feature will stable and successful on Canary beta then it would ultimately roll out for all Chrome users.

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