Ionic 4.1 out with as “Hydrogen”

Ionic 4.1 out with as “Hydrogen”

On Wednesday, the Ionic team announced for Ionic  4.1, called “Hydrogen”.

A few weeks after the release of the main version Ionic 4.0.0, the creators of the open source mobile app framework are presenting the Ionic 4.1 under the code name Hydrogen.


Ionic 4.1 version offers a number of bug fixes as well as some new features around checkboxes and CSS display utilities like skeleton text update, indeterminate checkboxes, and more.

You can use ‘ion-skeleton-text’ inside media controls like ‘ion-avatar’ and ‘ion-thumbnail’. The size of skeletons placed inside of avatars and thumbnails will be automatically adjusted according to their containers. The skeletons can also be given individual measurements for custom border-radius, width, height, or any other CSS styles for use outside of Ionic components.


The new feature is useful for cases where a check all checkbox is used, but only individual options are marked. The new behavior corresponds to the native checkboxes, in which the indeterminate state is implemented only as an optical variant.


This new Ionic 4.1 brings a few new CSS classes for hiding elements and responsive design such as ion-hide and ion-hide-{breakpoint}-{dir}. While any element can be hidden with ion-hide, .ion-hide- {breakpoint} - {dir} allows this to be coupled to breakpoints for different screen sizes.


You can view of all new features in Ionic 4.1 in the blog post for publication. More details are available on the release notes.

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