Microsoft announces Visual Studio Online - an online code editor

Microsoft announces Visual Studio Online - an online code editor

On yesterday, Microsoft has made an announcement for an online code editor, called Visual Studio Online. According to the company, it's positioning as a companion to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Making it possible for people to use the open-source Visual Studio Code text editor on mobile devices.


Visual Studio Online is based on Microsoft’s popular free and open-source desktop code editor - Visual Studio Code, that means Visual Studio Online will also support all the features and extensions that are currently available for Visual Studio Code.

This version will have a similar interface to Visual Studio Code and will support Live Share, enabling various collaborative features.


You can access your remote environments and edit code in a browser. Visual Studio Online will support Visual Studio Code workspaces, Visual Studio’s projects, and solutions, as well as IntelliCode and Live Share. It means you can join Visual Studio Live Share sessions or perform pull request reviews on the go.


Currently, Visual Studio Online is available only in private preview. Once the online code editor rolls out to all users, it will be available at and will be accessible from any device.


You can get the detailed information regarding this release on Microsoft blog post.

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