Microsoft bring dual screen support in Windows Lite

Microsoft bring dual screen support in Windows Lite

Now, Microsoft is working on ‘Windows Lite’ and design it primarily for dual-screen devices as well as Chromebook-like notebooks. “Windows Lite”, lightweight version of Windows, is currently the code-name and the final name might be completely different.

According to the reports, at the initial stage, Windows Lite can only Universal Windows Platform Apps (UWA) and web apps. And later, it will arrive support for legacy Windows programmes.


The upcoming OS will be based on Composable Shell (C-Shell) and would run on top of a new Windows Core OS (WCOS), which is also being used to power Microsoft’s HoloLens 2. The user interface will be the same as Windows 10  but with greater touch optimizations.


Microsoft hopes Windows Lite would also support the launch of a new product category with dual-screen devices. This means the software giant itself could finally be planning to pioneer this market with the debut of its own device. Launching Windows Lite to power dual-screen devices is part of a more ambitious plan that would allow Microsoft to win a key part of the market that’s currently dominated by Chromebooks.


For now, it’s unclear that when exactly Microsoft plans to launch Windows Lite globally.

According to The Verge, though, Windows Lite being designed for dual-screen devices, and others, similar to Chromebooks, which may show that Microsoft's focus has narrowed. The report shows that "the longer plan is for Windows Lite to help the company better compete against Chromebooks." Intel has been pushing hardware companies to create devices for this burgeoning hardware category.

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