Microsoft update Windows notification and more

Microsoft update Windows notification and more

Now, Microsoft has released a new update to "Your Phone app". A new feature in the app allows users to get all of their Android phone notifications or the ones they select - directly on their PC.

Finally, it has been rolled out after months of testing.


With this new feature, Android phone users can receive and manage any notifications from social apps directly on their Windows 10 laptop or desktop.

Additional features include reading and replying to text messages, viewing the device’s photo library and the capability of dragging and dropping files between the two devices.


This update also brings new improvements that have been brought to the operating system, especially in the notifications department.

Users now have more control over how notifications will look like on the screen and how many of them do they prefer viewing in the Action Center. In the Notifications settings menu, users will also be able to view the recent apps that sent out notifications.


Microsoft also is adding the ability to have all notifications muted as a top-level option in the Notification and Action Settings area.

The Windows 10 update is rolling out gradually. Microsoft takes advantage of this openness to deliver some impressive linkage between the worlds of mobile and desktop.

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