Mozilla closing its Firefox Test Pilot program

Mozilla closing its Firefox Test Pilot program

Now, Firefox Test Pilot program has been shutting down by the Mozilla. On 16th Jan 2019, Mozilla has taken this big decision for its Firefox.

The 'Test Pilot' was Mozilla’s project to trial some of its more experimental Firefox features with a group of users that opted into this program. It was Test Pilot that first trialed features like Containers, which became the Firefox Facebook Container extension, Page Shot for taking screenshots and the Lockbox app for iOS, the first non-Firefox Test Pilot project.

They announced that it’s closing Firefox Test Pilot. This program is available as a browser extension for Windows, OS X, and Linux, and first launched back in May 2016. It allows Firefox developers to take bigger risks with their ideas.


Recent reports show that from the Firefox labs include a price-tracking feature that lets online shoppers monitor prices for specific products and receive alerts when prices go down. It also piloted a feature that recommends content based on browsing activity.

So, the company tried to paint a positive picture by closing this program. They saying that it’s “proud to announce” that it’s “evolving” its approach to experimentation. In real terms, this means that it is continuing to open up its innovation and ideation to more people within the Firefox team, rather than making it the “responsibility of a handful of individuals”.

The company explains, “Everyone is responsible for maintaining the Culture of Experimentation Firefox has developed through this process. These techniques and tools have become a part of our very DNA and identity. That is something to celebrate.”


Mozilla’s decision to kill Test Pilot will more than likely lead to some gripes from the early-adopter fraternity. And it’s difficult to align Mozilla’s reasons for killing Test Pilot with the reality.

The organization promises that it won’t uninstall any of the experiments that you may be using today.

They say that it’ll actually experiment more now, but it remains to be seen how exactly it will do so without the Test Pilot program.

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