Mozilla will bring new security measures feature in upcoming Firefox 70

Mozilla will bring new security measures feature in upcoming Firefox 70

Now, Mozilla has stated that it is going to add a dedicated social tracking protection component to its Firefox 70.0 update.

As the company concerned about your online privacy in the social sphere, it has going to add Social tracking protection in Firefox 70 settings to enhance the Tracking Protection. Your online activity will now more secure than ever in Firefox v70.0.


This protection will be enabled by default, but it won’t be too aggressive to break websites. Users also able to configure manually by the choice after installation completed. Users can also view blocked domains in the Tracking Protection Panel if needed. The users may click on the Shield icon in the browser's address bar to see the types of trackers that are blocked on the active site.


Tracking Protection supports the three different states Standard, Strict and Custom; the standard is the default state and social media tracker blocking is enabled in that state.


Mozilla Corporation will also include a feature in Firefox 70 that will alert users if their passwords are found in data breaches. This will be done through the developer’s partnership with “Have I Been Pwned?” - a website that allows internet users to check if their data has been compromised by data breaches.


The company integrates its independent Firefox Monitor service and the new Firefox Lockwise password manager directly into Firefox. With this feature, Firefox will scan the saved login names and passwords and see if they were exposed in a data breach listed on Have I been Pwned. If one is found, Firefox will alert the user and prompt them to change their password.


A list of trackers will get blocked when the features are enabled. The current list includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and the various tracking domains that use these social media services.

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