Next.js 9 released with TypeScript support and more

Next.js 9 released with TypeScript support and more

Now, Next.js team has rolled out their next version Next.js 9. The update comes out after five months of its previous version released.

With Next.js 9, you can build your application with increased confidence, thanks to automatic TypeScript support and integrated type-checking.


Over the past few months, the developer team has migrated most of the codebase to TypeScript, because reports have shown that most users were very interested in using TypeScript. They wanted a more reliable and standard solution for easily integrating TypeScript into their existing or new codebase.

So, the developer team set out to integrate TypeScript support into the Next.js core. It improves the developer experience and making Next.js faster in the process.


Exporting a static site with Next.js is as easy as a single command. Next.js also comes with styled-jsx included, but it also works with every CSS-in-JS solution.

It has faster dev compilation and dozens of other improvements. A developer has complete control over Babel and Webpack. Customizable server, routing, and next-plugins.


With this new version, you can create ultra-fast websites that leverage Server-Side Rendering and Static Prerendering by default without compromising on features. It also helps to quickly build back-end application endpoints, leveraging hot-reloading and a unified build-pipeline. Applications are more responsive than ever.


Next.js v9 handles type-checking for you in both development and building for production.

Next.js 9 will render optimized AMP by default. Now optimized AMP is up to 50% faster than traditional AMP.

This version also brings some improvements to help you develop at your best. Next.js will also create a default tsconfig.json with sensible defaults. This allows for integrated type-checking in editors like Visual Studio Code.


You can get more detailed information about new features and improvements of Next.js v9 on the official site.

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