Now you can search public toilet and bike sharing station on Google Maps

Now you can search public toilet and bike sharing station on Google Maps

Now, Google has launched several new features to Google Maps. From the beginning of 2019, Google has been testing and introducing several new features on Maps.


Google Maps is now getting support to show bike-sharing stations to let people be informed on docked bike-sharing services around them. The data provided by Ito World which let inform you on where to find a bike-sharing station, how many bikes are available there and whether or not there's a space waiting for you to dock your bike when you arrive at your destination.

According to The Verge report, the feature has been testing in New York City for the last year and now it's expanding to 23 more cities including Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Chicago, London, and Los Angeles among others.


The new feature will also deliver more accurate travel time based on machine learning models that reflect motorcycle speeds and routes.


Maps also added support for more than 45,000 community and public toilets as part of the Central government's "Loo Review" campaign that covers 1,700 cities in India.


Google Maps will make use of machine learning to automatically identify the top suggestions across these categories in every city.


The new Google Maps feature is being rolled out to Android as well as iOS devices. Google also plans to expand the feature to all users shortly.

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