Redesigned Android Auto start rolling out

Redesigned Android Auto start rolling out

Now, Google has released a new interface for its automotive smartphone - called Android Auto.

This Android Auto was first announced five years ago at Google I/O 2014 and launched in the spring of 2015. Since the first released its interface hasn't changed very much.


But a few months ago, at Google I/O 2019, the tech giant announced that Android Auto would be getting its first major new look.


The Android Auto updated design brings several new features and usability improvements. These include better readability with a dark theme and colorful accents that match the car's interior. Android Auto can also morph widescreen displays that giving your apps and navigation more space.


The lower part of the Android Auto screen was traditionally home to five static shortcuts: navigation, phone, home, audio, and OEM features.

The bottom bar now gets a lot more dynamic change. You'll find links to the new app launcher in the lower-left corner and icons for notifications and Google Assistant voice search on the right, as Google reported.


According to the tech giant, the new Auto will be able to resume audio when you plug it in - it's a toggle in the settings. In the past, Auto has been hit and miss about starting playback when plugged in. Now, it should remember the last app you used in the car and start it up instantly.


In the redesigned look, the organization is much better than the old Auto that just mixed messages in with other notifications.


The updated interface might finally be rolling out, but Google said it still being worked on this updated interface. It'll take several weeks before most phones have it. You'll just need to get an updated Auto APK, and you can get that from APK Mirror.

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