Reliance Jio Phone is now ruling featured phone market in India

Jio phone capture the Indian feature phone marketAccording to CMR's  report, mobile handset vendors shipped 88 million mobile handset units in the fourth quarter of 2017. Around 30 million units shipped, the smartphone market recorded a 19 per cent sequential decline in 4Q. Jio feature Phone was a major growth driver for the 4Q 2017. Its shipments grew more and more.

The feature phone market addressed a 36 percent sequential growth in the 4Q and Year-on-Year  growth of 62 per cent in the country. This new trend led to the market share of feature phones, and hitting the market in the coming quarters. For the entire year, around 287 million mobile handset units shipped by mobile handset vendors only in India. In 2017, overall 4G handset market grew by 19 per cent. The 4G smartphones declined by 17 percent, while 4G feature phones grew a massive 546 per cent.

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