RustPython a new Python 3 interpreter written in Rust

RustPython a new Python 3 interpreter written in Rust

Now, an open-source Python 3 interpreter called RustPython has written in Rust is released. The whole Python 3 implementation completely done in Rust.

This interpreter is currently in the early stages and the documentation is also being developed. You need wasm-pack and npm to install it.

For now, you can test it by using the following code:

The code style used is rustfmt. You can also test with cargo on the interactive shell.


You can run only basic examples as currently there is only preliminary support for WebAssembly.

One user says,

This is wonderful. This could become the best way to move Python projects to Rust: initially just run on the RustPython interpreter, but then optimize low-level routines in Rust. In 15 years I wouldn’t be surprised if this or something like it surpasses CPython in popularity.


You can also check the GitHub repository for more details and installation instructions.

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