Skype now supports a group of 50 participants

Skype now supports a group of 50 participants

Microsoft now releases support up to 50 people group calling for its Skype, a video calling app. Skype plans to allows the maximum number of group call participants from 25 to 50.


It’s a change that will likely help smaller companies and other large businesses that rely on services like Skype to hold meetings easily. The audio and video buttons will be enabled for larger groups, so people can more easily mute their microphones or turn on/off their webcam.

The software maker is also adding this amount of calls by simply sending notifications to participants. When a call is started in a large group of up to 50 people, notifications will be sent out instead of ringing each individual individually. If they don’t respond to the notification, you can also go ahead and call people.


According to Skype, these features are available as of today for beta testers, and they'll likely roll out globally later.

So, it's unclear when the limit will be increased to 50 in the main Skype client. But if you want to try it, you will have to download the latest Skype Insider version right now, currently at version You’ll need to be a Windows Insider to download this version on Windows 10.

These features also are available on MacOS and Linux without signing up for any beta programs.

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