Slack improve calendar integration and more

Slack improve calendar integration and more

On Wednesday, Slack has announced new features with the integration of its email and calendars.

Email is great for certain types of communications, but it was never really designed to be a full-fledged communications tool. But Andy Pflaum, director of project management at Slack, says that Slack decided to make it easier, with a new email and calendar bridge that enables team members who might not have made the leap to Slack to continue to be kept in the loop.

Emails and calendar entries can be shared inside Slack. Andy says that the company is trying to take that email and calendar bridge idea one step further.

The user can respond by clicking a Slack button in the email and having Slack open, or they can simply reply to the email and the response will go to Slack automatically.

Users can send a Slack message straight to someone's email. The recipient can then join the Slack conversation, or reply via email.


Slack also added integrations to Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar so that users can schedule meetings through the app and automatically flag to coworkers when they're unavailable to chat.

Pflaum said,

With just a couple of clicks, they can find a time they're available. It's the first time we'll be allowing the creation of meetings from inside of Slack. We're doing it in an intelligent way of recognizing when there's an event.


Calendars can be assigned to specific channels today to provide a daily event rundown, and apps like Google Calendar for Team Events can alert the team when an event on its calendar is about to begin, but calendars in channels will provide a Slack-native way to see a live team calendar.


The new features a sign that Slack may be moving toward the ability to create events for teams.

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