Soon user can play/pause videos from Google Chrome toolbar

Soon user can play/pause videos from Google Chrome toolbar

Now, Google has been working on a new function that could provide an ability to its Chrome browser to play, pause, or skip through videos or music via the toolbar. The feature is called Global Media Controls.


The feature will allow users to skip forward or back, pause, or play the file. It also works with video sites like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as Apple’s podcast pages and Spotify. Although if there have multiple tabs open, it's also supported and playing something. It's looking like Chrome users will get a measure of control over their browser's audiovisual experience.


The button appears right in your toolbar, the same place you find icons for extensions, just to the right of the URL bar. By clicking on the icon, a pop-up window will appear, showing whatever's currently playing alongside a simple set of standard media controls. This new feature works with both audio and video and lists everything. The button will be supported on desktop versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


According to the report, the current version of the feature might be in Canary (development browser) now, but it's apparently very buggy. Crashes almost all the time whenever you try to pause a video. For now, it's not clear that when the feature will be finished and available for regular user globally.



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