Soon you have the control over who can add you in a WhatsApp group

Soon you have the control over who can add you in a WhatsApp group

Finally, WhatsApp is preparing for group related feature that many people had been waiting for a long time.


First spotted by WABetaInfo, the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform has been rolling out new feature ‘Group Invitation’ on group settings. This feature will let users get more control over who can add them to groups. As of now, anyone can add you to any WhatsApp group without your consent.

But, with the upcoming feature, this will not happen as you can control who can actually add you to a group.


With this update, people should have your permission before they add you to a new WhatsApp group. Users can turn on this feature by heading to Settings → Account → Privacy → Groups. It has three options - Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody:

  • As the names suggest, the first option 'Everyone' will let anyone add you to a group without your permission.
  • The 'My Contacts' option will let only your contacts on WhatsApp to add you to groups without an invite and others can add you only with an invite and you can either accept or decline the invite.
  • The last one, 'Nobody' will require an invite for anyone to add you to a group. This request has an expiry time of 72 hours. Users would not get a second request for the same group before the first request expires. Users can still join a group through the group link invite, no matter what their group invite settings are.



WhatsApp is not only developing a proper Group Invitation System, it is also experimenting with an updated algorithmic feed for the Status system.

Going by news reports, the group feature is under testing, it is inactive right now, and will be available only to select iPhone users using the beta version of the app. We can expect soon the same to be made available for Android and Windows users globally. Interested users can download the TestFlight app and join WhatsApp beta programme.


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