Swift programming language is now on the top

Swift programming language is now on the top

Apple's programming language Swift is now tied at number 10 with Objective-C in rankings. As per reports of 2017 Swift surpassed Kotlin (Android language supported by Google) as the fastest growing programming language. Swift was first released by Apple in 2014 since then Swift has rapidly gained in popularity from developers. With Apple's growth over the years and Androids lack of new ideas we can expect a higher demand for Swift developers in the near future. The idea was not just to make it easier for new developers to learn to program but to simplify life for experienced coders as well.

It's hardly a surprise that programmers are interested in Apple's language, which can be used to build applications for the iPhone, Apple Watch, Macintosh computers, and even web applications. RedMonk's rankings don't necessarily reflect whether companies are using these languages for real-world projects, or how many jobs are available for developers who know them. Instead, the firm tries to gauge how interested programmers are in these languages. Popularity among programmers could influence business decisions such as what languages to use for new projects.

Whereas, many languages over the years have aimed to smooth the programming process by offering syntax that's easier to read or building in features that programmers otherwise commonly write from scratch, Swift also aimed to combine programmer-friendly features with performance.

As O'Grady notes in the report, it’s becoming harder and harder for new languages to break into the top 20. That makes the rise of Swift and Kotlin all the more impressive.

Programmers have started moving over to Swift to develop programs for the iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac computers.

If you are looking into switching or learning a new language, then for sure Swift would be a safe way to go.

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