The Weather Channel off air due to Ransomware attack

The Weather Channel off air due to Ransomware attack

A computer attack knocked the Weather Channel off the air for over an hour as a result of malware attack last Thursday morning. The attack came in the southeastern United States. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard made that announcement during a community forum in southwest Atlanta.

Federal authorities are investigating the incident. The FBI said that a ransomware attack was the source of the problem.

Ransomware is a type of malware used by cybercriminals to hacked a computer system or network. Through social engineering or hacking, malicious actors are able to install software which basically shuts down a computer or network until a literal ransom is paid to the hacker online.

On Thursday morning, from 6 AM to 7:39 AM, viewers weren't able to learn any useful weather information from The Weather Channel - ATLANTA. The TV network had to show a taped program instead of airing its morning show AMHQ because it suffered a security breach due to a "malicious software attack". And it was only able to restore live broadcast through backup mechanisms.


The Weather Channel has explained,

We experienced issues with this morning's live broadcast following a malicious software attack on the network. We were able to restore live programming quickly through backup mechanisms. Federal law enforcement is actively investigating the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience to viewers as we work to resolve the matter.


The Investigators later also found that the ransomware used to attack the Georgia capital was also used to extort hospitals, health care companies, and state agencies.


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