Tor 8.5 first stable browser for Android now available

Tor 8.5 first stable browser for Android now available

The Tor project has officially released a stable version 8.5 of its TOR browser for Android devices.

TOR is an abbreviation for “The Onion Router”. It's open-source software that is known for allowing users to visit a site online anonymously. A portion of the World Wide Web that notorious for hosting illicit content and being a haven for black market dealers.


The Tor Project developers have been working on this browser since September 2018, when they had first released an alpha version for public testing.


Tor Browser 8.5 is now released with several improvements. All features are focused on providing users with a secure browsing experience.

Some other features include fingerprint resistance that makes more difficult for others to identify users by the browser and device information, plus the ability to browse sites that are blocked or restricted by ISPs.


The Tor project says that the app will have no proxy bypasses and that the new browser will protect users from cross-site tracking via first-party isolation.

The privacy and security layers of the Tor browser also makes the browser of choice for users surfing the Dark Web.


The app is already available for download. However, some users have pointed out that the app isn’t working properly with the Android Q beta. You can download Tor Browser from the Play Store.


If you are facing any bugs or glitches, make sure to report them in the Tor bug tracker.


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