Twitter is working on “author” label tags

Twitter working on “author” label tags

Now Twitter is testing label tags (called “mentioned”, “following” and “author”) in tweets and subsequent replies - in order to allow users to keep better track of an ongoing conversation.


According to Twitter, the labels help to give more context on the people who subsequently respond to a tweet. Though this may not shows a big change, but, it will improve longer conversations and tweet chains.


The feature would tag every person on a Twitter thread to create transparency. Someone when tweets about something and mentions someone in the tweet, the person who is mentioned gets a label called "mentioned" with replies to the tweet. The person who tweeted gets the label "author" if they reply to their tweet. It would be easy to follow and join conversations on Twitter.


The Micro-blogging site tweeted,


As per ahead of the general elections in India, the expansion of the test “Labels” feature on Twitter could help the cyber cell and other law enforcement authorities to catch hateful, abusive and fake news spread on the app.


The feature is in beta testing mode for now. And it's unclear that when these levels will be applied on the app for the general user.


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