WhatsApp and Telegram media files are vulnerable to attack

WhatsApp and Telegram media files are vulnerable to attack

Now, researchers at computer security company Symantec have discovered that media files that you save via WhatsApp and Telegram apps - are not safe and are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Even audio files to receive from these platforms are also not safe.

Most of the users save files from WhatsApp and Telegram apps in internal or external storage. These malware infected files can somehow access the storage space and corrupted all files and even information on the phone.


This type of cyber-attack is called 'Media File Jacking'. It's sufficient for hackers to have access to a file or to change it. In fact, the multimedia message that goes out of the device can be changed by software experts without notice to the user.

Though message communication apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram are encrypted, researchers of Symantec have revealed that if you save files that come through these apps, these files can also be vulnerable to malware and other virus attacks.


The media such as audio, video, zip, document files that come with these types of apps either in the phone's internal storage or in the external storage (memory card), could be malware affected.


According to reports, files from these apps need to be stored in internal or external storage. If malware enters your device, it can also access these files and corrupt all the files on the device. If the software (malware) that can gain access to the device storages can also attack data of the device.


To prevent this type of attacks, the researchers have advised users to be careful and limit permissions while granting access to apps.

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