WhatsApp rolls out a send UPI ID feature on its payments service

WhatsApp payments updated with a send UPI ID featureWhatsApp has updated its payment service with send UPI ID feature in India. This feature allows any user with a UPI ID to send money to other users with UPI IDs directly from individual and group chats on the app.

The send to UPI ID feature can be accessed by going into the WhatsApp app > Settings > Payments > Send Payment > Send to UPI ID visible on top of the contacts list. Then a user can enter the unique UPI ID of the recipient to transfer funds. The users would first have to try to send a payment via a conversation thread by using the Attach or Plus button. If the recipient didn't have an associated payment account or used a different phone number that they use for WhatsApp, then sender would be shown the option to send it to a UPI ID directly.

The feature is currently available on the stable version (v2.18.31) on iPhone and is also available on the WhatsApp beta (v2.18.75) on Android. WhatsApp now also offers a Notification button to inform the user that receiver does not yet create a payment account when someone tries to send payment. The sender will receive a notification after setting it up by the receiver.

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