10 points must follow to become a good programmer

Programming is the process to implementing various sets of instructions to enable a computer to do a certain task. Computer science is not the study of programming. But, it is an important part of what a computer scientist does. Becoming a programmer is a process to build up your skills day after day and year after year.

It's true that anyone can learn how to programming, but it's also true that not anyone can be a good programmer. To become a good programmer and sharp your programming skill you must follow this 10 points -


1. Learn from your work - The more you program the more you learn. Try to solve a new problem every time, it will always help you to learn something new. Don't think somebody will come and let you know what is programming.


2. Learn more by helping others - We always turning our heads towards forums or groups only when we need help. But, rest of the time we are separated. To improve your programming skills, frequently need to visit forums and often help others. Understanding others' problem in their context, investigating on that and providing solutions - will help you learn much more than before.


3. Use someone else code - Use some else code but make changes in it, because improvement is the only feature of coding. Mostly every programmer use Google to solve their problem. So, don't worry, cheating is acceptable in programming. But, learning something new from someone else code is more important.


4. Contribute to open source - Use all your concept to make a good project and share with everyone as open source or help to fix bugs in open source projects. Let people review your code. You may not earn from it but it will help you to learn may short comings in your code.









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