Google Now Voice Commands

App-specific commands

“Send a [WhatsApp] message to [Scott Adam Gordon]” (you'll also have to say “Yes” to send the transcribed message)

This same voice command works with WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Hangouts, Viber and NextPlus and there is a variety of possible formats:

“Send a [Telegram] message to [Paul]”

“Send a [WhatsApp] to [Chris]”

“Send a message with [NextPlus]”

“Send a message to [Mom] with [Viber]”

“Search for [document name] in Drive”

“Set the temperature to [X] degrees” (only works with Nest)

“Show me [Steve Jobs] on Flixster”

“Listen to NPR”

“Shazam this song”

“Open TuneIn in car mode”

“Show attractions near me in TripAdvisor”

“Show Instacart availability”

“Activate home mode in Wink”

“Scan my receipt in Walmart”

General commands

“Search for [chicken recipes]?”

“Say [where is the supermarket] in [Spanish]?”

“What is [Schrodinger’s cat]?”

“Who invented [the internet]?”

“What is the meaning of [life]?”

“What's the definition of [ostracize]?”

“Define [symbolism]”

“Who is married to [Ben Affleck]?”

“Stock price of [Apple]”

“What is [Apple] trading at?”

“Author of [Game of Thrones]” / "Who wrote [Lolita]?"

“How old is [Michael Jordan]?”

"Where was [James Dean] born?"

“Who is [Bob Dylan]'s [father]?”

“Show me pictures of [the Sistine Chapel]”

“Post to Google+ [feeling great]”

“Post to Twitter [feeling lame]”

“Search [Tumblr] for [funny cat photos]”

“What is [German] for [what time do you finish work]?”

Gmail integration

“Show me my bills”

“Where is my package”

“Where is my hotel”

“Show me restaurants near my hotel”



“Do I need an umbrella today?"

“What's the weather like?"

“Is it going to rain [tomorrow / Monday]”

“What’s the weather in [Boston]?”

“How’s the weather in [Portland] on [Wednesday] going to be?”

Applications and device controls

“Open [WhatsApp]”

“Open []”

“Launch [Calendar]”

“Take a [photo / picture / selfie]”

“Record a video”

“[Increase / Decrease] brightness”

“Turn [on / off] [Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / flashlight]”

“[Increase / Decrease] volume”

“Set the volume to [number]”

“Set the volume to full”

“Mute the volume”

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