No Man's Sky: Exploration and Survival in Galaxy

One of the most highly anticipated gaming titles ever, No Man's Sky from indie developer Hello Games, has arrived -- and it could have a major impact on the resurgent gaming world this season.The title made its PS4 debut on Tuesday in North America and on Wednesday in Europe. It will be available for the PC on Friday. The long-awaited game takes players on a mind-bending journey of space exploration, allowing them to take a deep dive into distant planets filled with deep water oceans, alien life forms and unseen threats.

As one of the biggest PS4 games of the year thus far, No Man's Sky has a lot riding on it, said Steve Bailey, senior analyst for games at IHS Markit. However, it's not likely that the title will sell as many copies as Uncharted 4, he said. Still, "PlayStation is visibly proud of the game, as it's been given as much limelight during the company's E3 conferences over the past few years," Bailey added. PS4 is the main format associated with the game, he noted, so any positive reception for the title will benefit the platform. "The question from here on out is how the game is evolved through official patching, and how much [that] support contrasts with the mods and hacks that will become available for the PC version," he noted. "For a game this ambitious, post-release iterations could drastically change what No Man's Sky represents one year from now. "The overall take on the performance of No Man's Sky is positive, according to Digital Foundry.However, the frame rate for the title shows significant drop off in some parts, according to a report the firm posted. The target for PlayStation 4 is a rate of 30 FPS. When the No Man's Sky game engine is placed under high stress, which can happen when landing on a new planet, the rate falls to 13 FPS. The frame rate issues go away when simple workarounds are implemented, though.

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