What is PMOLED and how it's different from AMOLED?

PMOLED stands for Passive-Matrix OLED. So, let's first learn about OLED -

OLED use organic materials that emit light when electricity is applied. It is an emerging technology for thin, efficient and bright displays. OLED displays are emissive - and do not require any backlight or filtering systems that are used in LCDs. OLEDs are set to replace LCDs in all display applications - from small mobile displays to large TV sets.

PMOLED display

here are two types of OLEDs - Passive-Matrix OLED(PMOLED) and Active-Matrix OLED(AMOLED). You may hear the term AMOLED. But, what is PMOLED?

Passive Matrix organic light emitting diode display uses a simple control scheme in which you control each row in the display sequentially. It has strips of cathode, organic layers and strips of anode. The anode strips are arranged perpendicular to the cathode strips. The intersections of the cathode and anode make up the pixels where light is emitted.

PMOLED electronics do not contain a storage capacitor that's why external circuitry applies current to selected strips of anode and cathode, determining which pixels get turned on and which pixels remain off. The brightness of each pixel is proportional to the amount of applied current.




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