About Geekboots

Geekboots for geeks, here we offer a variety of content related to web design, web development, digital marketing, programming, artificial intelligence, and the latest technology. Also provide tutorials in various programming languages, tips and insights for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Youtube Channel: Geekboots has a YouTube channel with over 7,000+ subscribers and 200+ videos. Our content covers topics ranging from web design to full-stack development. You can find tutorials on building REST APIs, creating login forms, designing menu bars, and more. We explore technologies like Node.js, Express, MongoDB, MySQL, EJS, PHP, CSS and more...

WebGraphiz: Under the banner of WebGraphiz.com, we have our premium collections of website templates, SVG icons and other various graphic designs. We also offer customized website design and development service based on your requirements.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, Geekboots provides valuable resources to enhance your skills and knowledge in the tech world!

Our Mission

Keep every students & tech enthusiasts up to date with knowledge.

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