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  • Best alternatives of MS Office

    Microsoft Office dominates the productivity app sector for decades. Microsoft Office apps like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. have got so many features that it takes weeks of classes to learn the ins a...

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  • What is NPM and how does it work?

    NPM stands for Node Package Manager. NPM is a package manager for Node.js packages or modules. Modules are JavaScript libraries you can include in your project. NPM hosts thousands of free packages t...

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  • Atom vs VS Code

    As a developer, there is always the need of finding the best tools for development purposes. It can be text editors, a library to manage tasks, a framework to build your next project, etc. The tools s...

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  • Most useful Django packages

    Django has increased its popularity during the last couple of years, because of it's a  robust open source Python-based framework for building web applications. Among other Python-based framework...

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  • All about Pacman in Arch

    Pacman stands for Package Manager, and you might know that the Pacman is the default CLI package manager for Arch Linux and its derivatives. It is a utility which manages software packages in Linux. I...

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  • Atomic Variables in Java

    In programming, variables are basic component, which used to store data. When a program start running, CPU initialize locations for the variables in the main memory. These locations are accessed by th...

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